Our guests enjoy staying in our indoor, climate controlled facility while receiving plenty of cool water, fresh food bowls and cozy bedding. They also enjoy outdoor play time in our secure, fenced backyard and the safety and assurance of being located inside a veterinary office. Our kennel staff are highly trained to make sure your pet is well taken care of while you are away. We will also feed your own pets food if you choose.

VIP Boarding 
You can choose to add our VIP package to your pet's boarding stay. We recommend it especially for puppies, kittens, older pets and any pet that will especially miss their family. The V.I.P. package includes:

  • Daily brushing
  • Extra petting and loving
  • Extra daily playtime and exercise
  • At least two daily leash walks
  • Toys selected for each pets needs
  • Daily fresh comfort blanket
  • Noon And evening snacks
  • Professional veterinary supervision
  • Private cat condo for cats
  • Oversized dog runs for dogs

Our hours of operation are conducive to many owners who choose not to leave their pets at home while they are out. Your pet will enjoy the day with us while you work, run errands or what ever you need to do. We have inside environmentally controlled play areas and an outside exercise yard.